Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The pain and agony

X and Sphira were together since X reached the age of fifteen. They went training together, played together, have fun together, sparred with each other and when all else happens between them, love was born between the both of them. They loved each other so much that X nearly ran away from the marriage, but Sphira stopped him before it happened as she don’t want any trouble happen to X. All the years passed and Sphira has remained at X’s side. Every time she stares at him from a far, her heart was pierced by a thousand needles, coincidentally Zero was always right within her vision, giving a wrong sense of idea to most of the people. She was the last one X recruit within the team as he know that both of them loved each other and neither both of them could get rid of it. The reason why Zero and Sphira constantly see each other privately it’s because they both share the same fate, their loved ones was taken away from their grasp, sharing their sorrow together, it wasn’t a confession that Sphira made to Zero. The ones that Amanda truly loved was Chaos, the former Cross who gave her a love at first sight, it wasn’t X who gave such impression towards Amanda. When all the explanations were done, Amanda could not accept the fact, she ran away from the scene. Xenon carried Alexia’s body walking slowly towards the burned village. “It’s not over” “Chaos is still alive” As she knew that what X has done, was just sealing his brother within the Earth. He could not deal the final blow towards Chaos as he took his life once already, he can’t bear it to take it twice. Sphira sitting on both of her legs “I’ll wait for you, no matter how long it takes, until you are back by my side, until then, I’ll fight for the country, protect everything you treasure” She stares at the sky with tears rolling down her red cheek.